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2. Explanations for School Transfer

Schooling procedures for foreign nationals

For those who want to enter elementary or junior high school after arriving in Yamagata City

  1.  Fill out the Resident Report (Resident Registration) at City Hall (1st Floor, Citizens' Section).
       TEL: 023-641-1212 (Ext. 342)
  2. Go to the Board of Education (8F, School Education Section) and speak with the appropriate authority on the matter you wish to discuss (both parents and child).
    <Example of things asked during the meeting>
    • Confirmation of name and date of birth
    • Date of arrival, length of stay in Japan
    • Education prior to coming to Japan
    • Japanese language ability (child and parents)
    • Character of the child and his/her aspirations for the future
    • Family situation
    • Contact information (In case of emergency, work place, need for interpretation or not)
    • Health condition (diseases or allergies)
    • Likes and dislikes for food (including those for religious reasons)
    • Others
    <Information attainable from the Board of Education>
    • Elementary and junior high schools in Japan
    • Support system
    <Documents to bring>
    • Certificate of Alien Registration
    • Documents relevant to the education received in home country
      (Certificate of enrollment, grade transcripts, health certificate, etc.)
    • Inkan (personal seal)
    • Resident Card
  3. Guardians will have to complete the "Schooling for Foreign Nationals" application form.
  4. The Board of Education will contact the school in the district in which the guardians live and arrange a date for a meeting.
  5. A second meeting with the guardians, the student, the school, and the appropriate Board of Education authorities will be held at the Board of Education or the school.
    <Documents to bring>
    • Documents required will vary according to the country in question. Documents to bring will be covered at the individual level, so there is no need to worry.
    <The meeting and examples of matters to be discussed (in addition to the aforementioned)>
    • Consultation and decision regarding the grade of admittance
    • Arrangement for a Japanese tutor, consultation on the support networks available
    • Others