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2. Belongings

Items essential for school life

Study materials

  • Prepare items appropriate to study
    • No need for expensive, flashy items that can cause a distraction (games or toys)
  • Items to be gathered before the first day of school differ according to schools, but some items need not be bought until after the start of classes. All of this will be explained during the meeting before entering school.
    ※ Example of items to be bought after the start of classes:
    Practice books for each class, Alto recorder, sketchbook, materials used for arts and homeroom classes, etc.
  • Items to bring differ depending on schools and the school year. Please follow the homeroom teacher's instructions.
  • Other items needed for class (notebooks and folders) might be announced after the start of each class and will need to be bought individually.
Write your names on all your belongings
  • Write your name clearly and in a spot that is easily visible.
  • Sew a piece of cloth with your name on it onto items that are hard or impossible to write on.


  • Wear when going to school and during classes
    • Designated uniform for the school.
      Summer uniform (to be worn from June to September) and winter uniform (to be worn from October to May)

      Wear the nameplate on the left side
      7th graders will receive their nameplates on the first day of school.
      The school badge must be kept in the determined place.

    • Wear a white school cap when cleaning and participating in outdoor activities.
  • Items for physical education
    • Designated physical education uniform
      Long sleeves, long pants, short sleeves, and shorts
    • Swimming classes are held in summer (from June to September)
      Bring your swimming set (Swimming wear, swimming cap, bath towel, swimming goggles)
  • Details about buying school uniforms and physical education wear will be given during the meeting before entering school.


  • Shoes worn to and from school are not regulated by the school, but please make sure to wear shoes that are safe and appropriate for the conditions.
  • Please prepare indoor shoes (shoes exclusively worn inside the school) and outdoor shoes (shoes worn during physical education time and while outdoors).
  • Please ask the homeroom teacher whether or not indoor shoes and outdoor shoes are pre-determined by the school.
    ※Please write your name, grade, and class on the heels or fronts of outdoor and indoor shoes.

School bag

  • Every school has its designated school bag. Bags can be bought from the school. Please contact the junior high school regarding this matter.
《When buying items》
  • Please prepare your school uniform, physical education uniform, indoor shoes,and outdoor shoes before the first day of school. In case of a school transfer, please contact the junior high school.
  • School uniforms are sold in department stores and clothing stores in the city. Please confirm the name of the school and have them ordered prior to entering school.
  • Indoor shoes, outdoor shoes and school bags are often sold in sports shops or bag shops close to the school.
  • Physical Education uniforms can usually be ordered from sports shops close to the school. After specifications of size are confirmed, names can be embroidered on the clothing.

School lunch

  • Depending on the menu, you may have to bring chopsticks.
    • Make sure to bring your own chopsticks.
    • Mask (to be used while serving school lunch).

Money collection

 Please read Section 6 of "Elementary School Life" for details on "School Money Collections". Collections differ according to each school. Please make sure to read school notices on the subject carefully. Please ask the homeroom teacher for details.


  • Handkerchief and tissues must be brought everyday.
  • Don’t bring things unrelated to studying (money, comics, video games, mobile phones and such).
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