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6. School Money Collection

 The amount and content collected may vary slightly from school to school. Read the school notices and ask the homeroom teacher if there are any areas of confusion.

  • Most of the schools will withdraw and deposit compensatory funds automatically from bank account to bank account. You will need to open a bank account for this.
    • You will need your Inkan (personal stamp) to open your account.
    • Transaction fees may be applicable for each transaction.
  • Cash may be required for some types of money collection.

School lunch fees

 This covers the expense of the lunches.

 Elementary school: 255 yen per meal
 (Junior High School: 295 yen per meal)

 (as of September 2014)

PTA fees

 These fees cover the many activities to be undertaken by the parents and teachers to improve students' education and upbringing.

School fees (Terms may vary from school to school)

  • Reserve funds
    • These funds are gathered from each grade and are used to cover fees for the following: travel expenses for excursions, travel expenses and lunch fees for the ski trip, fees for the overnight study for 5th graders (food, etc.), fees for the school trip for 6th graders, fees for the graduation album, etc.
    • Students who enter school mid-year will not have to pay the fees for the period they were not present. Fees to be paid will be calculated and charged when entering the school.
  • Study material fees
    • These fees cover textbooks used in class, worksheets, workbooks, practice materials, reference sheets, some drawing supplies, home economics, integrated studies, school publications, sheets for music and art appreciation, etc...
  • School Year PTA fees
    • These fees are collected from each grade to cover PTA activities (parents and teacher activities) and expenses for gifts given for celebration and condolence.

 The following compensation and money for hospital visits are given in cases of injury or accident. Please contact the school for more details

Yamagata Prefecture's PTA Safety Mutual Aid Association

  • Compensation coverage
    1. Injuries that occur outside of the school's responsibility (before going to school and after returning from school) such as traffic accidents or sports injuries, and that have not healed after 7 days.
    2. Injuries sustained during events held by or with the PTA (for children, parents and teachers)
    3. Injuries caused to others during events held under the PTA's responsibility.
  • Please confirm with each school the yearly fees and details of coverage (that can be claimed within a year of the accident).

National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health

  • Compensation coverage

     Injuries and diseases (as defined in the policy) during the school's watch (when commuting to and from school) which result in medical expenses over 5000 yen, and disabilities and death incurred during the school's watch.

  • Contract of Agreement

     Intermediaries from each school and Yamagata City will go through the procedures of gathering the two types of compensation awarded, after reaching an accord with the guardians. The compensatory funds will also continue to be gathered from the next school year.