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6. Out-of-school Learning, Outdoor Class,Workplace Study Experience, School Trip

Out-of-school learning & excursion

 Out-of-school learning removes the students from their usual school-based learning environment and utilizes other areas as a backdrop for learning. The aim of the exercise is to acquire a deeper understanding of the areas and activities they experience and engage in. Students always look forward to this event as it provides a refreshing alternative to the daily routines of school-based learning. Taking into consideration the means of transportation used, whether or not they must bring their own lunch, etc, students will need more group awareness than usual to be successful. This also is a good experience for the students to learn manners. Some schools have out-of-school learning activities that are not excursions, but rather planned activities that complement the curriculum. In order to have a fun and meaningful experience, please make sure to keep the following in mind while out and about.

Things to be ESPECIALLY careful about

  • Make sure not to forget anything.
    Many people will put their belongings in a backpack.
    Make sure to have the parents AND the child present while packing.
  • Read the plan carefully and take care of your health.
    Sufferers of motion sickness should plan accordingly.

 ※Contact the homeroom teacher if you feel uneasy about participation in the activities.

Outdoor class

 This class is referred to as the outdoor class or overnight training. It is aimed at nurturing the children's physical strength, self-sufficiency, sense of cooperation, and environmental awareness in a rich natural setting.
 Leaving the family and being away from the family house is an important aspect of this trip.
 The class is planned for the outdoors. Students will gain experience through the struggles encountered during camping, an activity which they are not accustomed to or familiar with.
 Make sure to understand the contents of this activity from the outset and prepare accordingly.

Please read the following carefully as it concerns health and safety.

  • Make sure to notify the homeroom teacher of medical conditions or concerns your child may have. Tell the homeroom teacher beforehand if your child often needs to go to the toilet at night or during the day.
  • Bring a copy of the Health Insurance Card with you for unexpected situations.
  • There are many things to bring so you may forget where things were packed. Make sure the person going packs his/her own bag, or at least is present when it is being packed so that he/she will know where things are.
  • Taking precautions, keeping one's health, and preparing well in advance will provide a good start to what will be a very memorable and rewarding experience for the students.

Working Experience

 During the second year of junior high school, as a way of looking toward the future and desirable types of employment, the school and local businesses cooperate to have students participate in the workplace experience for 3-5 consecutive days.
 To be separated from the school and to experience life as a member of society is a very valuable experience. With the support of the people at the workplace, the teachers, and the guardians, the students can appreciate the opportunity to be given work to "tackle".
 Along with the work experience, the students learn to greet others and be aware of their manners and expand their ability to communicate with others, thus giving the experience more meaning. They can examine their future dreams and occupations and think about their own way of life in relation to others.
 Although each school will decide when this trip will take place, it usually occurs between May and July. The students should prepare themselves and take care of their physical condition and try not to be absent for even a day.

  • Regarding things to take and wear, consult with the company before you visit.
    • For almost all places of business, you will need to take a box lunch.
    • Most places require you to wear a nameplate on the job.
    • Check whether you should wear your physical education uniform or clothing designated by the company.
  • Listen carefully to what you are told and honor the responsibilities you are given as a member of society.
  • This experience is not just for the few days you are on the job. The time beforehand and afterwards should be used carefully to prepare and reflect on the experience. Also through this experience, you can think about your way of life.
  • Always be polite : inform your employer of any issues beforehand and be sure to thank them afterward.
  • Thoroughly investigate the working hours, the way of doing things, and the transportation for commuting to and from the workplace beforehand.

School trip (Overnight)

 This will be one of the most memorable experiences of the three years spent in junior high school. This is not a standard trip; the main focus of this excursion is to allow the students to practice self-sufficiency and independent thinking as students will have to navigate parts of their trip on their own. This trip is often taken in the spring for 9th graders, but some schools instead have it for 8th graders during autumn. Destinations vary according to school but common destinations include Tokyo, Hokkaido, and the Kansai area. Places and things that can be seen or experienced only in the area visited will be the focus of study. Health matters are of the utmost importance when children leave their families. Make sure to have the child change routines to suit a healthier lifestyle (if need be) in the weeks prior to the trip to ensure that they will be able to not only participate, but also come away with a memorable and rewarding experience.

  • Make sure not to forget anything.
  • Verify names are written on all belongings.
  • Prepare a copy of the Health Insurance Card.
  • Contact the homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

《For Guardians》

  • Monitor your child's health to ensure they are healthy enough to bare any strains the trip may cause (physical or other).

School Trip (The Diet Building)
School Trip (The Diet Building)