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4.Out-of-school Learning, Outdoor Class, School Trip

Out-of-school learning & Excursion

 The aim of the exercise is to complement and provide a deeper understanding of the study points than that of their usual school-based learning environment and utilizes other areas as a backdrop for learning about the areas and activities they experience and engage in. Students always look forward to this event as it provides a refreshing alternative to the daily routines of school-based learning. Taking into consideration that the children have to do such things as travel by bus or train and eat their box lunch, students will need more group awareness than usual to be successful. This also is a good experience for the students to learn manners. Out-of-school learning activities and excursions are linked with the curriculum. In order to have a fun and meaningful experience, please keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure not to forget anything.…Many people will put their belongings in a backpack. Make sure to have the parents/guardians AND the child present while packing.
  • Read the plan carefully and take care of your health.

Out-of-school Learning

Outdoor class

 This class is referred to as the outdoor class or overnight training. It is aimed at nurturing the children's physical strength, self-sufficiency, sense of cooperation, and environmental awareness in a rich, natural setting. Leaving the family and being away from the family house is an important aspect of this trip. The class is planned for the outdoors. Students will gain experience through the struggles encountered during camping, an activity which they are not accustomed to or familiar with. Make sure to understand the contents of this activity from the outset and prepare accordingly.

 Make sure to notify the homeroom teacher of medical conditions or concerns your child may have. Tell the homeroom teacher beforehand if your child often needs to go to the toilet at night or during the day.

  1. There are many things to bring so you may forget where things were packed. Make sure the person going packs his/her own bag, or at least is present when it is being packed so that he/she will know where things are.
  2. Some schools will have students bring a copy of their Health Insurance Card and have guardians provide contact information in case of an emergency. This is done in order to hasten the response should an accident occur.
  3. Your health is of the utmost importance. Take care of your physical condition and be ready for the day of the field trip.
  4. Many students prepare a big bag or knapsack. Because there are quite a lot of things to carry such as boots, raincoats, insect repellent and a flashlight, children can be confused about how to carry or where to put everything. After looking over the information provided by the school, the students should pack their own bags.

* Many schools have the 5th Graders spend two nights away from home on a nature study trip. Other schools send the 4th graders on a one-night stay nature study trip.

Outdoor Class

School trip

 This school trip will be one of the most meaningful experiences for the 6th grade students. Students will organize their trip based on prior studies that reflect curriculum contents, ethics, class activities, and grade meetings. Students will have to summarize what they learned when they return from their trip.
 Most of the trips are planned for outside the prefecture. Health concerns are important when children leave their family. To lessen these reservations please make sure to have the child take care of his/her health well in advance of the trip.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the follwing points (1 ~ 4)

  1. Check AGAIN that you have all your belongings after they are gathered.
  2. Check that your name is written on all your belongings.
  3. Check the amount of pocket money given.
  4. Check the child's health, and make sure that he/she is strong and healthy.

School trip
School trip to Tochigi prefecture (Nikko Toshogu Shrine)