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2. Belongings

Items essential to life in school

Study material

 Items to bring differ according to schools and the school year.
 Read the announcements referring to the subjects and follow the homeroom teacher's instructions.

  • Prepare items appropriate for studying.
    • There is no need for expensive, showy, or distracting items in the classroom.
    • Desk pads should be plain and not made of paper.
  • Things to acquire when entering school
<Items to buy from the school>

Below is an example:Ordered through the school and purchased by a guardian.

  • Arithmetic set
  • Contact book and bag
  • Japanese, arithmetic, and extra notebook
  • Clay, case, board
  • School lunch tray (Many junior high schools also use these.)
  • Hiragana notebook
  • Lifestyle Class bag
  • Calligraphy pencil , pen
  • Toolbox (desk drawer)
<Items to buy personally>

 Below are examples of things that need to be purchased personally. You do not need to buy them if you already possess them.

  • Keyboard Harmonica
  • Keyboard Harmonica Mouthpiece (long)
  • Keyboard Harmonica Mouthpiece (short)
  • Set of watercolor instruments
  • White and red hat
  • Gymnastic wear
  • Jumping rope
  • Scissors, Glue
  • Crayons (oil based, 12 colors)
  • Color pencils (12 colors)
  • School lunch wear
  • Pencil case, desk pad

Things to bring on the first day of school
(Items may differ according to schools, please refer to any announcements regarding the subject.)

  • Note of admission to school (acquired through the city hall)
  • Schoolbag (to carry any textbooks received on that day)
  • Indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, shoe bag
  • Toolbox (drawer to be put in the desk)

Write your name on all your belongings.

  • Write your name clearly and in a place where it can be quickly recognized.
  • Sew a piece of cloth with your name on it to items that are difficult or impossible to write on.
  • Write your name on all pieces of the arithmetic set. (blocks, sticks, cards, etc.)

Things to bring thereafter

  • Items required to bring every day
    • Schoolbag
    • Pencil case ( five "2B" or "B" pencils, one red-blue pencil, and one eraser)
    • Contact notebook and bag
    • Handkerchief
    • Tissues (Kleenex)
    • Chopsticks
    • Small moistened hand towel
  • Items to bring as needed
    • Lunch wear
    • Lunch bag(chopsticks, towel)
    • Gym wear
    • White & red hat
    • Book bag
    • Set of watercolor instruments (big brush, thin brush, paints (12 colors), brush washer, sponge, small towel, case)
    • Toothbrush (Some schools require students to brush their teeth after lunch.)

 Correspondence will be sent to you from the school throughout the school year. Please review it carefully. When students need to bring something, it will be written.

Items to bring after grade 2 (Refer to the following pictures)

 Some items must be bought personally, while others must be acquired through the school. Please verify these items with the homeroom teacher.

  • After grade 2 for arithmetic
    • Ruler (from 2nd grade)
    • Triangle (from 3rd grade)
    • Protractor (from 4th grade)
    • Compasses (from 3rd grade)
  • After grade 3
    • Primary school student dictionary
    • Primary school Kanji (Chinese character) dictionary
    • Recorder (English flute)
    • Calligraphy set
    • Chisel (grade 4 and over)
  • Grade 5 & 6
    • Sewing set

Items for physical education

  • Designated physical education wear
    Short sleeve shirts and shorts
    Put your clothes in your gym bag.
    Long sleeve shirts, long pants
  • Swimming classes are held in summer. (June to beginning of September.)
    Bring your pool card(distributed at school) and your swimming set, which consists of a swimming suit, swimming cap, bath towel and swimming goggles (if necessary).
    ※ The bath towel is not only for drying the body; it is also used to wrap around the body when
    changing clothes. “Wrap Towels” with elastic at one end and plastic snap buttons on the sides are popular.
  • Wrap Towels

    Wrap Towels

    Wrap Towels

Items for school lunch

  • Things to put in your school lunch box bag and to bring everyday
    • Chopsticks (Put them in a chopsticks case.)
    • A towel (small wet towel in a case)
      The towel will be used to wipe and clean mouths, hands, and bowls. The teacher will indicate if and when to bring it.
  • Lunch wear(Apron, hat, mask)
    Bring to school on Monday, bring back home on Friday to be washed.

Others (Direct inquiries to the student's homeroom teacher)

Be careful

  •  Money that is not necessary at school should not be taken to school. In addition, wristwatches and accessories should not be worn (with the exception of religious items and those for special occasions). Students should not bring unnecessary items like food, drink, cartoons, and video games to school.


 All measures are approximate

Gym bag

 The gym bag must be able to accommodate all of your gym wear. (long and short sleeves)
 The gym bag must be a bag that can be carried on the shoulders.

Gym bag

Gym bag

Gym bag

Lunch bag

 The lunch bag must be able to accommodate your chopsticks case and towel case.

Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

Library book bag

40 cm× 30 cm

School bagSchool bag

<Writing materials>

Pencil case Pencil
Pencil case Pencil

<Items for Music class>

Recorder Recorder Piano Harmonica Piano Harmonica
Recorder Piano Harmonica

<Items for Arts & Craft class>

Set of watercolor instruments Set of watercolor instruments Crayon Chisel and others
Set of watercolor instruments
Click the right photo for a bigger image.
Crayon Chisel and others
Clay Clay

<Items for Arithmetic class>

Ruler Protractor Compass Arithmetic set
Ruler Protractor Compass Arithmetic set
Abacus Abacus
(This can often be borrowed from the school.)

<Items for Japanese Calligraphy class>

Calligraphy set
Calligraphy set

<Items for Home Economics class>

Sewing set Sewing set
Sewing set