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4.Meetings for Parents and Guardians


Class observation
 Parents and guardians will have several opportunities to observe their children in a classroom setting. Class observations allow the guardians to experience an average day in the life of their children while at school. Some schools welcome observation at any time during the entirety of the day while others operate on a fixed schedule. Observation is also possible during other events such as Sports Day or the Chorus Concert. Guardians will be notified of these observation opportunities in advance.
Parents and guardians' meeting
 Parents and guardians gather after class observations and discuss matters relevant to the class, the school grade in general, or their children within the class setting. At times, these meetings may be called suddenly, such as in the case of emergency.
Teacher's visit
 There are also schools that have the teachers visit their students' home in order to strengthen dialogue and communication with the families of their students. The homeroom teacher will contact each and every family in order to set up a date and time to meet.
Individual consultation (Distribution of school reports)
 The child's grades and conduct at school are relayed to the guardians every semester. Homework for long vacations and other information may also be given at semester's end. Consultations may or may not be held, depending on the school semester. (A notice will be sent out beforehand)
Students, guardians, and teacher's consultation
 3rd year(9th grade) students, their guardians and homeroom teachers will meet to discuss the next step after graduation. School semesters differ from school to school but the meetings are usually held between the 2nd or 3rd semesters. During the meeting, the homeroom teacher listens to the student's intentions and the guardians' view, and then gives advice and academic counseling to reach a consensus and a plan for the future. It is important to work closely with the homeroom teacher concerning the decision made. The academic path chosen is of the utmost importance to the future of the child and so it is vital to take the proper steps. Notifications regarding academic counseling will be provided by the school or during the Parents and Guardian's meeting. Please make sure to participate. Also, if you need an interpreter for the Student, Guardians, and Teacher Consultation meeting, please make sure to let your school know.
Guardians' meeting for 1st year(7th grade) students
 This meeting is held in February for guardians of children that will enter school in April. The following will be explained by the school's authorities: the school's outline, studies to be done before entering the school, school conduct, insurance policies for school safety, places where it will be possible to buy school uniforms, bags, gymnastic wear, etc. The meeting content may vary from school to school. Some schools will be selling study materials at this time. This meeting is very important for children entering Junior High School. Please make sure to be present. Please be sure to contact the school if it is impossible for you to be present on that day. Also, if you need an interpreter for the meeting, please make sure to let the school know.
PTA events
 Guardians, children, and homeroom teachers will engage in activities in order to strengthen friendships and relations.

Parents and guardians' meeting