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3. School Year Calendar

This is a calendar of events happening throughout the school year.
(Period and contents may vary from school to school.)

Month Event Contents Students Partici-pation Parents Partici-pation Parents Obser-vation
April Farewell Ceremony for Teachers Farewell ceremony for teachers leaving the school (Some schools hold this event in late March.) ○    
Inaugural Ceremony Welcome ceremony for new teachers, Start of the new school year ○    
Entrance Ceremony Welcome ceremony for 1st years, guardians also participate ○ ○  
Physical Measurement Measurements of height, weight, seated height, vision, hearing are taken ○    
Health checkup Checkup to assess the students’ general wellbeing.
This includes internal medicine, dentistry, eye exams, ENT, urology, and vaccinations.
Marathon Marathon competition between schools. Students often go and support their own school. ○   ○
May School Trip 9th graders go on a school trip. Destinations vary from school to school. Students will be chaperoned by their teachers. ○    
Overnight Study Study outside of the school. (periods may vary according to schools) ○    
Excursion Outside Study/ Observation Study Study outside of the school through such experiences as field trip study, working experience, and study in nature.
For most of these trips, the students will need to bring a box lunch.
(time periods may vary according to schools)
June All Japan Junior High School Sports Competition Sports competition between school sports clubs in the same area. Winning clubs can advance to prefectural and national competitions. ○   ○
Summer Vacation An approximately month- long vacation from the end of July to the end of August ○    
September Sports Day Competition involving physical activities, races and teamwork. (Some schools have Sports Day in spring). ○ ○ ○
October Freshmen Competition Sports competition between school sports clubs with only 7th and 8th graders competing. ○   ○
November Chorus Concert (Culture Festival) Chorus competition (internal to the school) between each grade year and class. Held in the school gymnasium or an off-campus concert hall. Some schools will hold this event during the Culture Festival and have presentations of students’ creations for the guardians to see. ○   ○

Year-end vacation
(Winter Vacation)

Two-week vacation from the end of December to the beginning of January. ○    
February Private High Schools Entrance Exams Entrance exams for private high schools are usually held in February. ○    
March Public High Schools Entrance Exams Entrance exams for public high schools. ○    
Graduation Ceremony 9th graders who have completed their studies will receive a Graduation Diploma. All of the school’s students and the 9th graders’ parents are expected to  attend. ○ ○  
Completion Ceremony Ceremony to recognize the completion of one year of school. ○    
Spring Vacation Vacation from the Graduation ceremony to the Entrance Ceremony ○    

Chorus Concur
Chorus Concert

Sports Day
Sports Day

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