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2. Vaccinations


 Vaccinations are administered through injections of vaccines into the body. A vaccine is a weakened form of a virulent microorganism that is administered to a healthy individual to produce immunity to a particular infectious disease. Natural defenses to certain diseases vanish 12 months after birth. Thereafter, it is necessary for babies to build up their own immune systems. This can be facilitated through the administration of vaccinations. Vaccination methods differ from country to country, so please take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the procedures used in Japan.

Vaccination procedures

【Before the vaccination】

 It is important to be in good health before receiving any vaccination. Pay attention to your child's health and physical condition. Please contact a physician or the City Hall's Health Center if something seems wrong.

  1. On the morning of the vaccination, make sure that your child is exhibiting normal signs of good health.
  2. It is important to understand why the vaccination needs to be administered and the possible side effects that may result. The human body responds differently to certain pathogens. Some individuals will experience different levels of side effects. The best thing to do is have your child examined by the family doctor who is most familiar with your child's medical history.
  3. Make sure to bring your maternity book (A record of your child's medical information), which includes a table of your child’s immunizations.
  4. The Pre-medical Checkup Sheet is an important document for the doctor administering the vaccination to your child. Please make sure to fill it out responsibly (with facts, and to the best of your knowledge).If you do not have the Pre-medical Checkup Sheet with you, please fill out the Medical Institution’s Vaccination Specification sheet.
  5. Have guardians who are familiar with the normal conditions of the child receiving the vaccinations monitor him/her.
【After the vaccination】
  1. After your child has received the vaccination, watch his/her condition for at least 30 minutes either at the location where he/she received the vaccination or in a place where you can contact a physician promptly should this be the case.
  2. Keep watch for the whole day to ensure that your child is not feeling any adverse effects from the vaccination.
  3. It is okay to bathe but make sure not to rub the spot where the vaccination was administered.
  4. Refrain from strenuous physical activity for an entire day after receiving any vaccination.

 Maternity Book Appendix (Vaccination Coupons and Pre-medical Checkup Sheets)

  1. People who give birth in Yamagata City
    When you receive your Maternity Book, you will receive an Appendix with Vaccination Coupons and Pre-medical Checkup Sheets. Keep it in a safe place and make sure to have your child receive his/her vaccinations on the set dates. The Maternity Book is available in English, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. (The appendix is in the Japanese language only.)
  2. People who move to Yamagata City
    Please contact the Health Section of the City Hall or the Health Center to receive any appropriate Vaccination Coupons and Pre-medical Checkup Sheets.

Types of vaccinations and target ages for vaccinations

  Vaccinations are divided into two large categories: “Fixed-Term Vaccinations” (Required by law) and “Discretionary Vaccinations” (not required by law). The “discretionary Vaccinations” consist of vaccines for mumps, chicken pox, meningitis (Hib)、and seasonal influenza, all of which carry a fee. For those wishing to have these “Discretionary Vaccinations”, such things as the time of vaccination need to be decided, so please consult with the physician who will administer the inoculation.

As for the “Fixed-Term Vaccinations”, the table below denotes the target age for inoculation and the standard inoculation period.Please use the Vaccination Coupons you received (fixed number, free of charge) during the "target vaccination age" and "standard inoculation period" indicated in the table below. The standard required number of vaccinations is free, but a fee will be charged if the inoculations fall outside the ages indicated below. According to the Maternity Book Appendix schedule and the child’s health at the time indicated for vaccination, please maintain the “Standard Inoculation Period”, “Number of times”, and “Interval between inoculations”.Please contact the Health Section at the City Hall or the Health Center for more details.

Vaccine Types

Inoculation Target AgeStandard Inoculation PeriodNumber of timesInterval between inoculationsMethod
Polio (Acute marrow inflammation) 1st time3 Months to 7.5 years old 3 Months to 1 years 3 Over 20 days IndividualIndividual
Polio (Acute marrow inflammation) 1st time supplement Until 7.5 years old After the 3rd inoculation of the 1st time Polio vaccine, from 1 to 1.5 years old 1  
BCG (tuberculosis) Under 1years old 5 months to 8 months 1 -
Combined (Whooping cough、 Diphtheria, Tetanus) 1st time3 months ~ 7.5 years old3 months to 1 year old 33-8 weeks
Combined (Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Tetanus)SupplementalUntil 7.5 years oldAfter the initial 3 times and between 1 and 1.5 years of age 1 -
Measles, Rubella 1st1-2 years of ageEarly stage of the target age 1 -
Measles, Rubella 2nd5-7 years of ageAs indicated by target age 1 -
Japanese Encephalitis 1st6 months to 7.5 years old3 years old 21-4 weeks
Japanese Encephalitis SupplementUntil 7.5 years old4 years (approximately 1 year after completing the initial 2 shots) 1 -
Japanese Encephalitis 2nd9-13 years old9-10 years old 1 -
Combined ((Diphtheria, Tetanus)11-13 years old11-12 years old 1 -

 *Yamagata City, working in coordination with national policy, provides financial assistance for meningitis (Hib)and pediatric pneumonia, which are “discretionary vaccinations”. Please consult your physician regarding this at the time of inoculation.

Locations for vaccinations

 To receive a vaccine, make a reservation at a “Yamagata City Designated Medical Facility”. For a list of designated medical institutions, please check Yamagata City Health Center’s website (in Japanese only). For more information, please inquire at Yamagata City Hall’s Health Section. If Japanese is inconvenient, please visit the “Foreigner’s Consultation Window” (see the following page).


Further inquiries

  • Yamagata City Hall Health Section
    TEL 023-641-1212 (ext 374~375) FAX 023-624-8399
    Open Mon to Fri 8:30 to 17:00
  • Yamagata City Health Center (Kajo Central 4F)
    Address Jonan-machi 1-16-1, Yamagata City
    TEL 023-647-2280  FAX 023-647-2281
    Open Tue to Sun 9:30 to 18:00
    Closed: Mondays, Holidays, Year's End. Closed on Tuesday if Monday was a National Holiday or a Compensating Holiday.