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2. Points to consider when deciding which School to Enter

Making one's choice on which school to enter

 It is important to not decide the school you wish to enter by only looking at your grades. Think about your personality and your qualities and consider what you want to become in the future.

Procedures to decide which school to enter


Make sure of your field of study in order to realize your dreams for the future and improve your individuality.

Choice of School

Choose a school appropriate for you after receiving academic counseling, consulting pamphlets, handbooks of the schools (available on the Internet), and going to open campus events.


Consult family members and teachers about the procedures to apply for the school of your choice, transportation to school, and other matters. Choose a school that fits you best.


Other important notices

 People who have just arrived in Japan or who do not have a sufficient knowledge of Japanese might have difficulties at school (regarding the curriculum and school life in general). Students who want to undergo senior high school entrance examinations should be able to communicate with their teachers and classmates in Japanese.