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2. Temporary Daycare

Temporary daycare

This is temporary daycare for guardians who need to have their children taken care of for a short period of time due to part-time jobs, diseases, or ceremonial activities (weddings, funerals, etc.)
Children have to be living in Yamagata City and be between 1-year-old and just before elementary school age.

NameTsubasa Daycare
Saiwai-cho 11-3, Yamagata City
TEL 023-634-6252
Atago Daycare
Kojirakawa-machi 5-21-12, Yamagata City
TEL 023-622-8527
Time8:30 to 16:30
Fees Child up to 3 years old 2,500 yen per day (as of April 2014)
Child over 3 years old 1,500 yen per day (as of April 2014)
ApplicationContact the daycare one week before the day you wish to enter. Please call in case of emergency. Please bring your Inkan (personal seal) and Maternity Book (Record of your child's medical history)

Please contact each school directly or call the Yamagata City Office’s Child Daycare Department of the Child Welfare,Children’s First and Second Division Section.
TEL 023-641-1212 (Ext. 572, 573)

*The following licensed daycares offer temporary daycare service (Times may vary from daycare to daycare.)

School NameTelephone # Address in Yamagata city
Konomi Seibu Daycare023-647-4883Minami Ishizeki 30-1
Kinder Daycare023-622-7438 Miya-machi 2-4-13
Kinder Minamidate Daycare023-644-2030Minamidate 5-7-50
Suginoko Daycare023-681-8120Senami 1-2-7
Chitose Daycare023-623-8874 Kakidan 386-4
Chitose Nonohana Daycare023-666-4666Hanatate 2-12-2
Tsukumo Daycare023-622-7623Dou-machi 2-19-1
Dewa Daycare023-684-3018 Oaza Senjudo aza Sawada 203-5
Tochinomi Daycare023-666-8899 Minami Yonbancho 3-11
Himawari Daycare 023-666-6121 Oaza Katayachi 59
Benibana Daycare023-686-4808Datejou 2-9-7
Hohoemi Daycare023-643-7176Kita Yamagata 1-6-5
Maria Komakusa Daycare023-676-7822Kami Sakurada 5-11-16
Midori no Mori Daycare 023-623-7800 Midoricho 3-7-7
Shima Daycare 023-679-5028 Shima Kita 2-11-18
Minami Numahara Himawari Daycare       023-645-4726 Takadou 1-7-30
Iizuka Harappa Daycare 023-666-6835 Iizukamachi 1447-4
Kanai Daycare 023-681-0371 Jinba 3-12-60
Kinomi Kita Daycare 023-674-6500 Hatagomachi 1-9-5
Hayabusa Daycare 023-664-1701
Oaza Numagi 1139-16
Art Child Care Yamagata Higashihara Daycare 023-615-1246 Higashiharamachi 2-9-14
Shirakaba Daycare 023-645-1048 Kubota 3-5-24
Nichii Kids Yamagata maeta
023-615-1612 Maetamachi 17-24

Short time (up to 3 hours) temporary daycare (Child Rearing Land Abe, Takuji Room (Newborns))

Children from 6 months old to just before schooling age are eligible for this service.

Time9:00 to 16:00
Fees 500 yen for the first hour, and 250 yen for each half hour after that (3-hour time limit) as of April 2012
  • Make an appointment by phone or in person from, at earliest, one month before to 15:00 the day before the desired day of use.
  • First time users will need to make a user's card. Bring the Health Certificate where the child's name is written, your inkan (personal stamp), two emergency contact numbers, and a parent/child notebook.
Closed Thursdays, last Tuesday of the month, Year End Holiday
InquiriesChild Rearing Land Abe
NANA-BEANS 4F, Nanoka-machi 2-7-10, Yamagata City
TEL 023-615-1930